Friday, March 25, 2016

Be a force in your field !

Good Day all,

This week , I had the pleasure of visiting the David Mark Studio here in Pleasantville, NJ..... These 2 partners are out to, not only make a name and a brand for themselves, but to make a mark in our area and change the way things are perceived around here and also with the industry.
This is so on point to what I am doing with MY business that I had to write about the beautiful connection made here.

From the floor to the ceiling, from the wallpaper to the unique layout and decor, the David Mark studio is making a presence of excellence.

So I say, "Be a force in your field !"  Does this mean you are perfect??? NO. Does it mean you are un-approachable??? No. Does it mean you are out of reach for the main stream??? No..... It means that you put your integrity, your brand and your belief in what you do ahead of all the crap that is out there. You become the force regardless of what others are doing and saying and you make a mark in a good way . THAT is a force to be reckoned with !\

 The conversation and the feeling I got when speaking with David and Mark was so good. It is so nice to be aligned with others in the field who are willing to give you the time of day and understand what it is to fulfill dreams.

This industry - from modeling, to weddings, to the designs etc... is not so pretty, even though the product of the industry seems that way.  This area is the same.  There are many people out in my area that are trying to make positive change. It doesn't happen overnight but it is nice to see that there are so many people working on a common goal.

So whether it's a Town or Community, a County an area or whether it's modeling, designing, music, art, theatre , or events.... DO THE RIGHT THING AND BE A FORCE IN YOUR FIELD.

 I wish the David Mark brand much success. I look forward to a long and prosperous collaboration with them when possible and I am excited about what they bring to the area, to the industry and to the World.
 A Few photos from our meeting:

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