Saturday, January 16, 2016

How do we make a positive impact?

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We need to keep a positive "pay it forward" if you may, around ourselves all the time. While it isn't always possible to be the most positive upbeat person all the time, it's important to give that off as much as possible. That energy will travel farther than you may ever know..... Check out these few positive impact stories.... One is the brand new article that was just done on our company in the Press of AC. It's nice to see all this in print and see the hard work of my business associates as we move to bring a positive impact to our youth and our community.... Thank you AC Press !

Next, Check out how one of our local entertainers , and friend, found the positive .... not only did she enjoy the process....she SHARED the process !

From my friend and local talent, KELLY LAVIGNA:

Was having a rough day, so decided to take my lunch alone at the Hamilton Mall, eat some sushi and regroup to finish my day. I sat by myself and didn't even notice an elderly man sitting 3 chairs down from me, also alone. After about 30 minutes, I was full, so I pushed my tray away with some left over sushi and started doing some work on my phone. As I put on my coat to leave, the man said "Excuse me miss, are you going to eat that?". I followed my instincts in that moment and said, "Yes." Obviously a lie. But I've become so accustomed to turning a blind eye to those who ask for money (especially with all the time I spend in Atlantic City), that it didn't register with me that this man was so hungry, that he was willing to eat my scraps. I got up, threw out the left over food and began to leave to return to work. I made it half way to the door when something literally stopped me in my tracks. This man was not asking me for money to spend on god knows what. He was asking to have some food in his stomach. Food that I just threw in the trash. I knew in my heart that I would never give someone scraps that I had spent the last hour picking on. So I went to Auntie Anne's, bought him a pretzel and bottled water, and made my way back upstairs praying he would still be sitting there. I walked up, handed him the bag and he smiled the biggest smile I've seen all day and simply said, "Thank you". I said "You're Welcome, God Bless You" and smiled.
Moral of the story: I went to the mall today to try and get my smile back after a crappy morning. I didn't know I'd find it in the old man sitting just 3 chairs down from me looking for what might be his only meal today. We made each other smile today. I gave him what he needed, and he gave me what I needed. Realized that my day is not so bad after all.  

And lastly.... what is your dream in life??? How does that impact you and everyone else around you? What are you willing to do to go after that dream? 
Let's see what great message Steve Harvey sent our way....

Now go out, catch that dream and make a positive impact any way you can !
Enjoy !

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