Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Are you taking all of your shots????


Boy it has been a crazy start to 2016. Not the calm before the storm.... LOL.... Just the storm ! ....and we are going to shake it up in 2016. I always consider January a "planning" month. It's really clean up, catch up, put things in place and it goes by so fast. So I have learned not to stress about my business in January for I spend a lot of it planning to soar come February !

At our recent mastermind series, we had the honor and pleasure of a Class Act speaker:
MONIQUE MANIGAULT  from Leverage Up !

She has a clear direction of where to take your business. How does she know this???? She comes from a family of entrepreneurs. She has a law degree under her belt and has experienced , first hand, many of the issues facing small businesses today.

Monique is an excellent speaker and is available for your events !  You can check out her site at:


You can also contact me to book Monique for future events or to set up a strategy session with her.

Thank you, Monique for being a part of our Mastermind and we hope to see you again in the future !

Utilizing all that you have and bringing THAT to the table is what you want to be looking at in your goal strategy.  Taking risks, taking your shots in life is so important. Life is so precious and we never know when it can be snatched from us or something can take us off our focus for good.

My motto for the New Year comes from a famous Athlete:

"You will always LOSE 100 % of the shots you don't take !"
Wayne Gretzky, Michale Jordan

Enjoy !

News to come from the Samina Mughal collection contest in Feb..... and don't forget....
"Who IS Tierney O'Rourke?"

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