Friday, October 18, 2013

Days 357-365

Wow! What a year it has been....from breaking apples with our bare hands, to ducks chatting on the water, to great new businesses and events and of course we can't forget "Gangnam Style".........

We had our "Day of Change" on Sundays and I hope many of you saved up some dough to do something with, even if it was just a small little venture.

I also hope you found 5-10 min. of your day to take a breath, feel good, and do something awesome !

Today is Friday and we would be over the 365 day mark. You can see how this can get away from us...especially when there is a problem on the site. THAT was discouraging but I forged on and we made it through.

I did accomplish some great things and did things I haven't done in a long time..... What I have planned for the New year will be fun. Let's see if we can get the posts up each day.... not so easy at times.

In the meantime, starting Monday we will emabark on RAK's.... until the New Year...... Don't you know what that is????

Random Acts of Kindness..... for this, I will post each Monday until the New Year. Spread the word and see what lives you can touch by performing a Random Act of Kindness each week until the New Year....

Remember we started this with several hundred page views..... We end today with over 7,900 page views and 20 followers. People are viewing this blog from all over the World and I thank you.
Many things will happen in the coming weeks. The launch of my book, our new Entertainment publication and many new ventures with our artists.....

So stay tuned, see if you can get a few people to "join" this site and follow the's free!
I will be back on Monday with our first Random Act of Kindness to talk about..... Remember just one a week is fine....although you can always do more !

Enjoy your weekend and we will talk on Monday !

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