Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 176 , 177, 178

Wow, wearing all the hats for this event certainly wore me out a little. ( at least it was fun too, just cray cray) LOL

Once I get the photos, I will share this great event with you that we would like to do each year.

So let's say the 5-10 min. break these last few days came in the mix of things..... a beautiful sunset off the balcony of the Foundation room at the Showboat. I hug and a catch up from some old friends ( well, not OLD friends, just friends I haven't seen in awhile)

Taking the time to pick up "swag bags" ..... that was different.... How often do we do that??? I hope more and more....

Take your 5-10 min.  Do something extraordinary !!!!


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