Monday, November 17, 2008

Ava's Allocations

Hi all, this is Ava.

Today we allocate time for e-women network and the WON group. If you haven't met Marilyn, managing director of e-women network, you need to make time to do this if you are in this area. Marilyn is a wonderful person who dedicates her time and efforts to making e-owomen a great place for Women (and men) to network and grow their businesses. There are events and meetings all year long. The next local event is on Nov. 21 st at the Atlantic City Country club in Northfield. Check out the website for information OR to see e-women network in YOUR area. The website is easy, it's . Enjoy your time there.

This is also a time to check out some of the other great networking places for women. There is the WON group, women only network. Contact me if you'd like information on THIS group. They meet in the Cape May Courthouse area. Have fun and we'll chat again next week.

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