Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ava's Allocations

Hi all, this is AVA-

Today we allocate time for a wonderful site you can check out for free. It is . Here you can track your money.That's right. See where you money has been, see where it goes and have fun. Great passtime or hobby for yourself or your children. You can also pull up cool "things" about money, collectors, and the "georgers" who are a close knit family of their own. I "George". So when you see a bill with a George Stamp on it somewhere, be sure to enter it and open youself up to the wonderful world of Georging! There are over a million users on the site. It's fun, legal, and Free.....

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FrankCie said...


In reading your Bolg, I was struck by the "health" stuff. My wife sent me a Website from Oprah that I think you might be interested in. The Website is :