Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Women on TV... Millions of viewers...

Hello all and welcome to Ava's Allocations with me, the Balcony Blogger. This week we are coming at you with empowerment in the coolest form....On line TV.... With co founders like Shea Vaughn and Jayne Rios, strong content, fun and engagement is what you can expect. Starting out as the Women's Broadcast Television Network, the brand has recently changed to Women on TV.


Content created by Women for Women ( with a few Men involved too ! LOL)

The mission is simple, as you can see on their web page, ...

"You don't have to be a celebrity to be a star.  Take your business and credibility to an entirely different level by showcasing your show on The Women On TV Network.  We are on ROKU, APPLETV, Chromecast, Amazon "

When I first found out about this network I wasn't sure what to make of it. I called some of the hosts and heard the most fabulous comments about it. Since I have been hosting my own spotlight show, I have met some amazing hosts and great people. I even got to get interviewed by the brilliant Shea Vaughn herself !  I have also been on Females without Fear .  Check out these amazing shows and this just scratches the surface !

These are just a few of the hosts and shows you can check out.... touch base with these amazing Women/hosts.... You can catch my show, Ava's Casual Chat, every 4th Thurs. of the month at 2:00 EST.  Visit www.womenontv.tv for all the shows, hosts, and schedules....Co founder Jayne Rios celebrates a birthday today so this is so great that it timed out with our blog post!
Happy Birthday Jayne !!!

 I have had the pleasure of great conversation with Claire Billingsley of "Coffee with Claire"....
….and had an amazing experience with Felicia Reed on Females without Fear.... 
We even got Felicia connected to our Radio Guru Geri Petito...shout out to Hamilton Radio ! You can find Ava's Casual chat on Hamilton Radio from time to time as well....

 Women on TV  is such a great platform for you to spread your messages. Reach out to me at www.4astar.com and I will get you connected if you think this might be a platform for you !
In the meantime, get noticed and join us at 

There is a time and show designed just for you . Watch or be watched and have fun !
Thank you Women on TV for being a great platform

Here is a sneak peek for you....
Ava's Casual Chat
Thank you Mr. Panting Productions for making us look good !

Interview: Females without Fear

Thank you all !

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