Wednesday, May 30, 2018

For Meat Lovers Only Part 2

Hellooooo.... we are at Hump Day after a long Holiday Weekend. I'll tell you, these past few weekends have been kicking my butt !!!  That said, I got to experience, first hand, the 5th annual Pork Roll Festival. Big shout out to Scott Miller for inviting me out to capture the vision.... Pork Roll, originating in Trenton, NJ....

With all the crazy weather lately, the heat and humidity was brutal .....yet that didn't stop people from coming out to the festival.... The park was filled with food trucks and vendors.... amazing food and cool items for purchase including t-shirts and collectibles from the festival...Like these smokers...oh my.....

....and of course there is the Pork Roll Queen....this year we congratulate  LYNN ANZUINI

and I also got to hear some great music from SCHOOL OF ROCK  band.....

It was truly a fun event.... Even got to meet the cool DJ....

 AND...some other fun people....staff of the event and I even Marcia and Steve  !!!!!

I was blown away by all the food trucks....with lines at each one to try pork roll mac and cheese, pork roll signature sandwiches and even a cupcake truck from cupcake wars !!!

I got my signature sandwich from WTF, Where's the Food, Food Truck...YUM!

This was a BBQ sandwich with cole slaw and came with was soooooo good !

Thank you, Tim McRae  

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Find Scott Miller on FB of the official Pork Roll Festival for any information on the vendors and the festival itself !!!

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