Friday, March 17, 2017

Turn it into Positive

Wow.... It's already mid-March , I can't believe it.... the days seem so long yet time seems to go so fast !

Hello all and Happy St. Patrick's Day to you !

How do you turn it into positive. I read and I look around and I listen and no matter how hard I try I always seem to find someone that isn't happy unless they are complaining about something.

STAY AWAY FROM THOSE PEOPLE !  LOL   I know, sometimes that is easier said than done.  Maybe you can help and show them how to turn it into positive. I know that sometimes situations are so dreary and so sad that you can't possibly think of how you turn it into positive..... YES YOU CAN.

Face it. Live goes on whether you are dealing with tragedy, loss of material objects, broken down products, broken down people whatever..... life goes on. We were all meant to live in an abundant situation and  have an abundant life.  YOU are the only one that can manifest that withing yourself.

I know you have heard, "What you think about , you bring about".... another one of my favorites is
"Whether you are wrong or your are right, you're right".

Find that inner strength. ( Even when it seems impossible) to take a situation and turn it around.
Go to a charity if you need to. Charities are in desperate need of funds these days, of volunteers of someone who cares.

Lead by example and show others there is hope.  Life goes on for all we know. Life is short and I know we have all heard THAT one.  It is...... too short to let any negative situation fester and make everything around you negative.

Another one I like is , " One negative thought sits in your mind RENT FREE and  grows. "

Take situations into your hands that would otherwise make you sad, miserable and not fun to be around. Turn it into positive even in the slightest way..... you will feel better and all the people around you will feel better too.

I'm not saying you can't be sad or angry at something. Just don't let it fester and eat your insides out. Go to a place inside and find that positive light. You deserve it. Everyone around you deserves it . Good things will come out of that and you will feel great regardless when you

Now make it a great day and enjoy !

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