Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Don't let ILL make you ILL... and a new welcome !

Don't let ILL make you ILL      and WELCOME to our newest client Terri Rozyla

First off, I've been a little under the weather the past week. It's been crazy with this weather and all. I love the warm weather, though, I could take this all year long !  Meanwhile, when your body tells you to rest- you need to rest. Well, "OK", you say, but your still have work to do..... Rest your body and don't think about being down. I know it has helped me a lot. I'm able to do some things, then I have to stop and take that rest. I really think it's helping me to shake this !   So don't THINK ILL  for that alone could make it worse. Just rest, relax, and do the things that your body is telling you !

Now...we want to welcome Terri Rozyla to the 4 A STAR family !

Terri is building Rose Yoga. Well that sounds pretty nice but what is happening behind the scenes is even nicer !  A development of the ROSE Lifestyle, ROSE Essential and part of the whole picture of

Terri's new studio will be offering Power Yoga, re-conditioning/therapeutic experiences .
Runners, Cyclists will be built into the active program with more to come....

Terri is having a soft opening on Dec. 11th and 13th and a hard grand opening is expected on Dec. 16th.

For more information check out www.trwellness.org   and tell them Ava sent you !!!!

Congratulations, Terri and welcome to our family here at 4 A STAR
Photography by Larry Berman of Mays Landing...find him on Face Book !

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