Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wed. 11/27

I love these numbers..1127.... LOL..... So needless to say this interim into the blog has been bittersweet. No worries, we are going to embark on a year of cool stuff beginning Dec. 1st.... in the meantime.............

Friends.... tomorrow is a day of reflection and thanks ( and food)..... I'd like to think that we do that, reflect and give thanks, more than just one day a year..... I am truly grateful for ALL the gifts in my life, family and wonderful friends. I always believe what goes around comes around so if you have people or things in your life that are not so "hot", just be grateful for your experience and no that time will work out all the "ills". I'd like to wish you all a blessed beautiful and "DRY" Thanksgiving ! LOL  Tell someone you love them and be grateful. There is ALWAYS someone or someTHING that is in worse shape than you.....and if you find yourself in GOOD shape, give back. You know I love movie lines..... so in the words of BRUCE ALMIGHTY...BE the Miracle. Love and light to all of you this Thanksgiving !

Enjoy !

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