Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 295 Wow! Conference is underway and it starts out with such a bang. Sandra and Kym and the whole eWomen Network team have their special touches on this year's conference and on all of us here.... I have already been dazzles by Lisa Larter, Fascinated by Sally Hogshead, Inspired by Hyrum and Wowed by some of the most amazing Women and Men in the Country right here stepping into their power. One of those Women is Mary Lous Luebbe. She first dazzles us with her upbeat and Sassy apprearance and then captivates us with her heartfelt words and demeanor. Mary Lou is recognized as one of America's most experienced and trusted hearing experts. In fact, I just found out that she was asked to do an article for AUDIOLOGY PRACTICES MAGAZINE.... This publication is for the Academy of Doctors of Audiology. You can find out more bout Mary Lou and her amazing work at Mary Lou is also one of the co-authors and Amazon best selling author in Succeeding Against All Odds through eWomen Network. Some of our great Success coaches this year include Shaun Stephenson and Sylvia Henderson. I have had the honor of rooming with both of them at conference. What a way to be in the energy zone ! I have spent many a 5 and 10 minutes with amazing re visits and amazing firsts today at the conference. Standing in line I also got a glimpse of Shaun Stephenson and Rochelle as they connect with each other.... shhhhh!!!!.........they are working here.... LOL I met an interesting couple from Colorado Springs. Deborah Lowery is now and Insurance Expert with Farmers Insurance and used to be a model ! Her very nice husband, Birdie, is here as well and he has been to this conference with Deborah 6 times ! Way to go Birdie! Check out Deborah in front of the beautiful Ice Sculpture.... Ana, Diane and myself got to dress up in Great crazy Hats, boas, and sunglasses for a shot on the step and repeat for eWomen Network Socila Advantage.... will have to get that photo for you as soon as I am able.... And..........last but not least..........Met Ellen, Author, Speaker and guide to your inner freedom. Her company is BE HAPPY NO MATTER WHAT and she has been handing out great buttons for us to wear! Of course I have to mention the Swan shaped desserts, the beautiful decor and (one of my favoirte) the Sea Salt scrub in the bathrooms to try out on your hands... OMG! There is no time to slouch here for every minute is filled with awesome insightk......... I'm looking forward to a full day tomorrow with Ken Kragen, Lisa Nichols, Mark Ostrosky and many other speakers.........I'm also looking for the WOW factor that Sandra and Kym Yancey bring to the stage in a special style. Stay tuned for more as I explore things I want to try and things I haven't done in awhilek. Certainly people I have never met as well.............. all with the gift of sharing what the Universe holds for us when we step into our light ! Enjoy !

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