Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Do it for a good cause.....

Hi. Today we allocate time to speak briefly about causes. Why do we "Do it for a good cause"? Is it something that touches our heartstrings? Is it just a sense of duty? Is it done for a personal reason? What are the causes that make you stand up and take notice?

If you look it up, you can probably find a cause for most anything. It's amazing some of the things I have found like going to starving countries and actually putting in water wells.....and seeing entire villages have clean water for the first time ever.....something we probably take for granted every day.

So I'm reaching out to you, not for dollars, although that is good too....lol, but for support in your heart as we strive to make May 20th National Causes/Awareness/ Pinning Day. We are currently at the local level of Galloway Township and at the County Level and as of tomorrow we will be at the State Level as well. What can YOU do to help? You can come out to an event on May 20oth, help with an event or just wear a CAP for Causes/Awareness/Pinning Day (C.A.P.).

Check out the whole pinning idea. There will be a pinning event taking place prior to the May 20th date at a fundraiser for my foundation for Brain Cancer Research. Date to be announced. It is going to be a golf outing with the pinning ceremonies for a separate charity.

Support anything you like on May 20th or start your own event. You can always contact me to get ideas and to find out more about what we are doing as we March towards May 20th being a National Day for ALL Causes. Get involved....you will feel so good.

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